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Entry #1

First post of freedom

2009-02-18 07:41:29 by jasonwilliams

Well, well. This is my first account on Newgrounds so I'd best introduce myself here. My name is Jason Williams and I have been animating for many years. My first attempt at posting animatons online many years ago failed miserably, mainly due to the fact that I picked the wrong websites and I sucked. Over the years I improved myself until I finally decided to get back into animation.

I'll try to keep this space updated on what I'm doing, but I often get very lazy to do so. I've just posted my first attempt at a public animation. I'm quite busy at the moment but I hope to be working on a new animation in a few weeks time. I've already done the audio and most of the character models so it's just a case of drawing the set and animating it.


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