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Update time

2010-02-26 09:16:50 by jasonwilliams

Animation is going swell. I have currently done 37 seconds of animation. I am a little behind schedule, but there shouldn't be a problem to catch up.

As a teaser, below is the 203rd frame of the animation, which basically sums up the entire animation. And yes I still have vista, I'm about to get a free windows 7 upgrade.

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Update time

Time to animate

2010-01-03 20:11:58 by jasonwilliams

Okay here's the plan. I've been very very busy with High School (IB) stuff this past few months but I've finally decided to try and make progress with my new animation. Starting 24th Jan (after SATs) I will put my production schedule into effect. This will involve me spending 1-2 hours each week to animate 10 seconds of the animation. If I stick to this schedule, allowing myself to get ahead of schedule during holidays, I should be done by June/July. Production will be slow because I do want to balance my studies, my social life and my video games.



Anticipating the release of Forza Motorsport 3

...This could take awhile

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Fecal matter

2009-07-17 14:38:01 by jasonwilliams

Audio work is done for the animation about fecal matter:
3min 40s

This will be the longest animation I have ever made :S. Don't expect this one to come out until later.

And again this is my Youtube page:

This is what I did with it. A masterpiece, I know.

I got a new graphics tablet the other day


2009-06-26 23:53:23 by jasonwilliams


My new animation is out for everyone to view and surprisingly it got a big reception despite its relatively low rating. I have no idea how good it is yet until I get more comments, but I don't really consider this animation as my best one; but then again, I never really ever praise my own work haha. A cool fun fact for those of you who are interested is that the characters are based closely on the appearances of both myself and my friend Greg. So internet stalkers of mine now have a loose impression of my appearance based on my animated body... oh crap.

So what's next? Well this next animation I'm planning is going to be a good one. I'm rather excited about this one. You see, my recent animation was loosely based on an sms conversation I had with Greg plus some other snippets of phrases that I made during the courses of other conversations. This next animation is based on something epic I came up with one day that caused me to laugh my head off for hours. When the planets align and I come up with something this epic, an animation must be made about it. What is it about? Fecal matter, that's all I'm saying...

Oh, and check out my youtube page for other, non-animation videos:


It's been awhile

2009-06-11 00:59:22 by jasonwilliams

After taking a few months off to focus on more important things, the 0 viewers of this blog will be happy to know that I'm back to animate a new short, to be released within a week or so. It involves a rather odd conversation...

After this short, I've got two more projects lined up to be produced. Both of which I'm very excited to do, because after scripting both shorts I think it will be the best ones I've done so far.

First post of freedom

2009-02-18 07:41:29 by jasonwilliams

Well, well. This is my first account on Newgrounds so I'd best introduce myself here. My name is Jason Williams and I have been animating for many years. My first attempt at posting animatons online many years ago failed miserably, mainly due to the fact that I picked the wrong websites and I sucked. Over the years I improved myself until I finally decided to get back into animation.

I'll try to keep this space updated on what I'm doing, but I often get very lazy to do so. I've just posted my first attempt at a public animation. I'm quite busy at the moment but I hope to be working on a new animation in a few weeks time. I've already done the audio and most of the character models so it's just a case of drawing the set and animating it.